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Just wanted to say a big thank you for my delivery, you have superb customer service.  I was so excited to spend all afternoon in my garden planting! I look forward to ordering more next year.

Thanks again!

One of the two pear trees we planted already bore fruit the first year! And the Haskap berries also appeared only a few weeks after the shrub was first planted: plump, blue, and delicious. We are very excited to start harvesting in earnest this year and the next; there will be so much jam to make with all the berry shrubs that are growing in the garden! TreeMobile is one of the best initiatives I’ve been involved in ever – so easy, so fun, great to involve the kids, such a small but concrete way to make a difference. Thank you all for your work and imagination, and for making Toronto greener and yummier!

I couldn’t be more delighted. Than you for doing what you do.

Awesome service! Keep up the great work. I wish I had more room to plant things!

I was glad to have a local group.

I’m so impressed with Tree Mobile and have told my friends to check you out. I’ll definitely help you advertise once you put out your first notice. Keep up the great work. My trees are healthy and strong!

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